Tamriel Rebuilt: Morrowind

I joined Tamriel Rebuilt on June 8th, 2004, a couple days after moving cross country from Texas to Maryland. I had already been obsessed with Morrowind for a while, and had posted a bit on the official forums, but this was my first proper step into the Elder Scrolls community. TR aimed to create the Morrowind mainland that was missing from base game, in accordance to the lore and high quality standards of Bethesda. I began by being a reviewer (essentially an in-engine QA tester tasked with finding all the bugs before the content is merged into the main file), then became review lead and branched out into content creation, making interior and exterior environments, concept art, and writing. As part of the Core team (leadership) and eventually as administrator on the project, I also oversaw the general direction of the project, such as implementing a test before joining the team.

During my time on the team we released several major expansions and was named Best RPG Mod by GameFlood in 2007, and the #4 Best Single-Player Mod by PC Gamer UK in 2009.

My involvement in TR faded out towards 2010 and I mostly retired from modding after shutting down the Hammerfell project.

Tamriel Rebuilt continues to flourish to this day, and has now completed work on much of the original goal. You can visit their website and join the project here.