Tamriel Rebuilt: Hammerfell

Development on Tamriel Rebuilt’s next project started before the release of TES4:Oblivion, the game it was intended to modify. Hammerfell was even more ambitious than TR’s Morrowind project, as it required learning an entirely new set of technology (including art methods that were cutting edge at the time, like normal maps and procedural terrain generation) and creating an entire new province worth of art assets. Ultimately, this ended up being the mod’s downfall: even after the technological huddles were overcome, there were simply too many blockers on the asset front. During its development I handled overall project leadership and community/marketing efforts, as well as created environment art, levels, concept art, writing, and general design.

The mod first split off from Tamriel Rebuilt (moving to a website hosted by me) and then shut down entirely in 2010. Before doing so, we released Hammerfell: the Eastern Grasslands, which included two exterior regions and two cities, as well as a wealth of environment assets. That mod has just over 26,000 downloads at TESNexus as of 2023, and several projects have in the past attempted to finish it (none under my direction).

The greatest success of Hammerfell was the wealth of worldbuilding, art, and design that the project generated. A beautiful art book was collated by Tamriel Rebuilt and is available here, and numerous mods and other creative endeavors have used our designs as their jumping off point.