How To Become a Lore Buff

The first version of the guide was published on the official Elder Scrolls forums in August 2010. Its aim has always been to give an overview of the universe as it applies to both the games and to the discussions in the greater lore community. Since TES lore is very much built on the principle of the unreliable narrator, I did not want to just present a long “objective” article for someone to read through, like wikis do, but rather expose the reader to a series of texts that introduce them to the basic information while also focusing on the contradictions and biases within them. Hopefully, by reading and analyzing primary sources from the very start, the burgeoning lore buff will be equipped to apply those same principles to future readings and experiences with TES lore, and learn how to analyze the information they’re given.

The guide received hundreds of thousands of views in the decade since, and has been recommended many fan communities as well as by Bethesda themselves. It is a living document, and I take care to update it every few years to reflect information from new games and new attitudes in the community.

After all of Bethesda’s official forums shut down in 2021, I decided to build a permanent home for the guide on my own website. That went live in January 2022, and included a heavy rewrite of all content and the addition of custom made maps.

You can find the guide at